The Midterms are Coming

September 16th, 2014 · General Detritus

As we head into the midterm election season, I thought this would be a good time to talk about politics.

If you attach a label to yourself that drives your vote – democrat, republican, liberal, conservative, libertarian, gay, straight, lesbian – you’re an idiot.

If a single issue drives your vote – for or against *the second amendment, prayer in school, gay marriage, abortion, race, taxes, Global Warming, Monsanto, Obamacare, net neutrality – you’re an idiot.

You’re being played. And they’re winning.

*The one “single issue” that makes sense is the “for” second amendment. The people in favor of the second amendment have more guns than those who oppose it. The thing is, though, they can vote any time. They don’t have to wait for the polls to open.

I believe ISIS members are paid by displaced born-again-Christian ad executives and PR agents. It’s the only explanation that makes sense.


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Ray Rice Mentioned Briefly (but not by name)

September 13th, 2014 · General Detritus

A professional football player has been verified on a video recording to be an asshole. This one hit his fiancé. They later got married. They’re made for each other, apparently.

In other news chickens do not have lips, the pope is Catholic, and big bears shit in the woods.

Film at eleven.

Apple has lost its mojo. Apple has not introduced any new products since Tuesday. Let’s face it, the Watch is another “me too” product just like the iPod and the iPad. There were plenty of mp3 players and tablets already on the market when Apple decided to join, and the Watch (shift-opt-k on your Mac keyboard) is no different. Apple is late to the game again.

I read somewhere that the iPhone 6 preorders are already causing delays. Apple already can’t keep up with demand for a product that isn’t even available yet. Obviously Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs.

Apple is doomed. DOOMED.

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Success, Disappointment, Failure, and My Inner Child says, “Shit.”

September 10th, 2014 · Apple Event, Gadgetry, iPhone

A brief review of the Big Event cannot be accurate without noticing that Tim Cook didn’t tuck his shirt in. Sloppy. In fact, the whole management team looked pretty sloppy, except the guy who showed off the iWatch features. I didn’t catch his name.

I thought the U2 song sucked. Then I downloaded the free album because, well, it’s free. We’ll see how it sorts in my collection.

Apple Pay is pretty cool. It should speed up the line in Whole Foods (we call it Whole Paycheck hereabouts).

The iPhone Six, as noted in the last post will come in two sizes. The Large iPhone 6 looked pretty cool. Bigger.

The thing that sticks with me is that it has all kinds of functionality added to it that’s designed to let you type with one hand. The first time I saw that it made me laugh. I guess that stems from being online since the glory days of Compuserve, GEnie, and AOL. Typing with one hand was an essential skill if you were going to really enjoy the standard chat room experience.

Anyway, that seems to be a major feature of the new, bigger iPhones – one-handed operation. Frankly, any task I can’t devote two hands to can wait.

The iWatch, from where I sit, is completely unnecessary. It’s large. It doesn’t do anything that can’t be accomplished in other, cheaper, more convenient ways. It’s going to provide notifications of Twitter and Facebook posts which will not spark your interest 86.3% of the time. It will also remind you that you have a dentist appointment you would have happily forgotten.

It’s pretty. It has a Mickey Mouse face built in to the software. It’s fully customizable. It comes in two sizes. It charges by connecting a magnetic sperm cell to the back. But like I said, it’s expensive and pretty much nonessential.

I’ll probably get one of the large size ones with a black leather strap.

I’m still using OS X 10.10 Yosemite Sam on my MacBook Pro. It still works. No major problems. A couple of minor things have gone wrong, but for the most part it works fine. I tried to send in an issue, and sending in the issue didn’t work. It turns out that the issue was an ID ten T error. If you don’t know what an ID ten T error is just write it in standard notation with the number “10″ instead of the word “ten” on the nearest piece of paper. Or as we used to say, it’s a BKAC problem (between keyboard and chair).

Anyway, I like OS X 10.10 Yosemite Sam.

Radio Shack seems to be having trouble. Those of us of a certain age remember when Radio Shack was TEH cool place for geeks to hang out. They had gadgets and all the pieces and parts you needed to make your own gadgets. If you needed a capacitor of a certain capacitance or a nine inch jumper, the Radio Shack guy could find it for you. You could buy breadboards and project boxes and the Radio Shack guy knew what you were talking about when you said you needed a double-pole, double-throw switch.

The other day I went into my local Radio Shack store and told the squirt working there that I needed an RS-232 to USB adaptor. I had to explain that RS-232 is a serial connector.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him what the RS in RS-232 stands for.

Radio Shack.

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Event Preview

September 6th, 2014 · General Detritus

The Big Event is Tuesday. Apple is going to introduce something.

I’ve been reading around and about the innertubes, and this much is certain: There’s an Apple event on Tuesday.

Here’s a preview, based on what Apple has told us, plus “filling in the blanks.”

iPhone 6

Available in any color created on the Dutch Boy site

Comes in two sizes: “large” and “fucking enormous”

Allows you to switch carriers mid call

Unclogs toilets and drains

Reduces low density lipoproteins

Cures ingrown toenails

Uses no added hormones or antibiotics

Fully insulated to R-100

Contains no pesticides or GMOs

Stimulates hair growth

Makes food taste better

Two words: bunny rabbit

Improves typing skill


(Note: If you experience an erection that lasts more than four hours, the iPhone 6 will post photos to social media.)


Monitors all biological data including:

  • heart rate
  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar
  • blood oxygenation
  • total cholesterol
  • LDL
  • HDL
  • red blood cell count
  • white blood cell count
  • platelet count
  • liver enzymes
  • pancreatic enzymes
  • sodium and potassium levels
  • hemoglobin
  • hemocrit
  • respiration
  • bladder capacity
  • prostate health
  • fingernail/toenail growth
  • hair color
  • post-nasal drip
  • the heartbreak of psoriasis
  • heartburn, gas, that burning sensation
  • acne
  • diarrhea
  • stuttering
  • nervous tics
  • unexplained rashes
  • impotence
  • how long it has been since your last haircut
  • cancer

The iWatch will also monitor the ingredients in your food, and if school age children wearing the device eat any food containing “flavor” during school hours the iWatch will notify Michelle Obama. You’ve been warned.


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It’s Good to be Home

August 30th, 2014 · General Detritus

I’ve violated my own rules. I wrote the Macalope an email telling him I would not be back to his page after having my comments edited and removed from posts on Macworld. Well, I lied. I went back. I still like to read the Macalope, so I do. I’m not linking him, though, as long as he writes for Macworld. Macworld pisses me off.

Anyway, he wrote a piece for today (8/30/14), where he jumped all over a writer for basically writing a piece of link bait crap about the iPhone 6. The Macalope, as is his wont, did not provide a link to the page under discussion. The writer of the SEO piece came to the comments section to post the link that the Macalope left out, and also to defend himself and his writing.

I’ve been careful not to incite anyone to defend their stupidity on Rip Ragged, but only because I deal in broad generalities and coming here to defend yourself would declare the shoe a fit.

A priest, a rabbi, and a minister walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Is this a joke?”

The iWatch is still in the news. The major components are being manufactured in a secret location in the New Mexico desert. Apparently the manufacturing process involves a fabric made from a crystalline matrix of monoatomic hydrogen. The main difficulty so far has been Tritium impurity. The technicians at the Area 51 plant say that in their home galaxy Tritium is much less prevalent.

Also, on this planet they have to create their own Unobtainium-314 for the power source. You thought CERN built the Large Hadron Collider for “research?” Please.

The iPhone 6 will be released soon. Then the Samsung ads making fun of the iPhone 6 will be released. They have to wait until they can take pictures of the thing before they can make up any lame jokes about it.

Anybody who doesn’t believe the best hamburger in the world is made in his hometown is a sissy. – Calvin Trillin.


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Various Things.

August 27th, 2014 · Android, iPhone, That's some funny shit right there.

Apple is going to introduce an A8 chip, or something like that. Apparently this is frightening people at Intel. Anyway, that’s what I’ve read on sites that sell ad space for a living. I have a real job, and have never received a red cent for my blogging, so my take on this is slightly different.

I think Apple is making a new chip because they want to be in charge of every aspect of every facet of every part of their products. The less Apple relies on others, particularly when some of those others might be competitors, the better it is for Apple. It doesn’t matter if it’s Sony or Samsung or Intel or Mitsubishi, if Apple has to rely on you to produce something there’s a chance you’ll screw up and that takes Apple – at least momentarily – out of the driver’s seat of their business model.

Apple hates that.

I’ve never met Tim Cook or Steve Jobs, but I’ll bet my last half-bottle of Alaskan Freeride APA and some left over shepherd’s pie there’s one common personality trait: Control Freak.


I mentioned the iWatch again because the mythology of it hasn’t gone away. Nobody knows what it will look like or what it will do, but the damn thing must be coming soon.


So far, in order to do everything it’s supposed to do, it will need to have sensors for blood pressure, blood sugar, blood oxygenation, and skin temperature, a gyroscope, gps, and ambient light. It should also be able to measure ambient sound levels, water depth, wind speed and direction, and air pressure in both bars and inches of mercury. It should be able to determine if eggs are properly cooked in the shell from coddled to hard-boiled. It should also be able to tell if the carpet matches the drapes.

The sensors should be roughly this, though somewhat reduced in physical volume.

The iPhone 6. September 9. No. Seriously. That’s what almost everyone is saying. I checked. is one of the few sites I checked that does not mention the iPhone 6. Also the iPhone 6 is not specifically mentioned on the American Homebrewers Association home page. Aside from that, everybody.

I’m practically on the edge of my seat.

There’s beer, though. I’ll be okay.

This is funny.

Let me be completely clear. Anyone who claims to not think Android is a ripoff of iOS is either technologically ignorant or lying.

Ignorance is curable.

Lying piece of shit can only be fixed by you and forgiven by your favorite deity. The rest of us may not be so easy to convince.

The only band I know of who’s named after a fictional marital aid.

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