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A few things:

Executive shake-ups (or would that be, more properly shakes-up). Apple has let people with offices with doors go, and so has Microsoft.

More importantly, Hostess is laying off everybody. They will no longer be making Twinkies, Ding-Dongs, Ho-Hos, or Sno-Balls. In Colorado and Washington, where marijuana was recently legalized, this is going to hit hard.

Sales of the Zune Surface have been “modest” according to Darth Fester. Of course the TV ads showing that it makes a snapping sound when used by smug twenty-somethings has probably been responsible for the sale of all forty-three of the units currently in the hands of consumers.

I do not want one. You?

Windows 8 adoption is making Microsoft nostalgic for the glory days of Vista.

Dell’s profit went down in the most recent quarter by 47% compared to the same quarter last year. What does that mean to you? Beats me. If you’re the kind of person who (as a child) used to burn ants with the magnifying glass that came in Cracker Jack, and you don’t own any Dell stock, it probably means you’re laughing your ass off – like me.

Apple’s stock is down. The frigging P/E ratio got down to almost 11. For a company that”s growing, a P/E ratio of 11 is the sure sign the stock is too cheap. I shuffled some money around, this morning, and bought a few more shares.


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