Eric Schmidt: Dink

December 4th, 2012 · No Comments · General Detritus

Eric Schmidt thinks it’s “extremely curious” that Apple is suing everybody but Google over Android.

It’s only curious if you don’t look past your nose.  Apple wants to kill Android. Android only exists if third party device makers think it’s profitable. Google doesn’t make an Android compatible device worth mentioning.  Now Windows devices – phones and tablets – are starting to be viable.

The way this shakes out is that Microsoft already has third-party people who aren’t being aggressively sued making hardware. Also, Microsoft is about dead. There’s no real reason to prosecute Windows 8 specifically or Microsoft in general because it’s politically incorrect to call a dead horse dirty names while you kick it.

Suing Samsung is a winning strategy. Even if you lose occasionally, the rest of the Android-using hardware makers can see how much money Samsung is spending defending themselves. Then they can decide if it’s worth it, while they figure out how to move to a Windows mobile system.

Apple isn’t trying to make users abandon Android. Apple isn’t trying to make Android illegal. Apple is letting Android become meaningless.


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