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February 10th, 2015 · 2 Comments · General Detritus

I care. I’ve been investing in Apple for 16 years. I bought 100 shares of AAPL in 1999 for about $2000.00. If I had never sold any of those shares, there would now be 2800 shares and they would be worth $336,000.00 That’s pretty good. I wish I’d bought more and I wish I still had those original shares. I’ve read analysts and tech pundits and technical traders for the entire time. Mostly telling me I should sell. Take my profits and run.

Apple is doomed. DOOMED.

There are a couple of articles in Forbes that capture my investment philosophy vis a vis AAPL here, and here.

AAPL just jumped up a couple of bucks today on news that they’re doing a deal with First Solar to build an $850,000,000.00 solar array south of San Francisco. First Solar (FSLR) also jumped a bunch. That’s pretty close to a billion bucks FSLR is going to get paid next year. For those of you who think about such things, this would be a great time to buy some FSLR. And it’s always a good time to buy some AAPL.

Just saying.


Now let’s go look at some specific products, shall we?

iOS 9 is coming, but not until after iOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 and possibly iOSes 8.5 through 8.37  or possibly 8.42. Any minute now.

According to all the sites I’ve read, and I’ve read a few. I’m retiring in four weeks, so all I’m doing at work is finishing up stuff I already started. No developing new material, nothing that requires any deep abiding love of company or country, just being to work on time and teaching the classes that are already developed. I’m reading the innertubes. Anyway, there’s going to be an iOS 9. Can you believe it? iOS 8 is not the ultimate smartphone operating system. There’s going to be a 9. I’m flabbergasted, frankly.

According to rumors – not Rumours. That’s a Fleetwood Mac album, and that album all by itself should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame along with the Moody Blues who will be inducted before I ever give the thing an ounce of merit. Green Fucking Day is in the HOF and the Moody Blues are not? Whoever makes those decisions is an idiot. If it’s a  committee, they’re all thumb-sucking, crayon-eating, helmet-wearing, window-licking passengers on the short bus, but I digress – iOS 9 will not come with a boatload of new features, it will just be more stable.


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  • baxtrice

    The RRHOF is full of hipster elitists who hate good music.

  • Rip Ragged

    You’re close. It’s full of hipster ASSHOLES who wouldn’t recognize a 20 pound bag of good music if it hit them in the head.

    Saying they hate good music gives them more credit than they deserve. Hate requires at least some brain wave activity.