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February 17th, 2015 · No Comments · General Detritus

I saw this in Forbes, today. The question in the headline reads, “Should Apple Scrap Its Watch?”

When the headline ends in a question mark, the correct answer is always, “No.”

The guy who typed the the hit-whore click-bait went on to use the tired cliche that Apple can’t innovate because Tim Cook. Then he said, “natter, natter, natter, project Titan. Apple building a car is stupid, too.” Apple isn’t building a car. Apple getting into the car business makes about as much sense as Oscar Mayer opening a string of fitness centers.

The whole meme started a few days ago about Apple getting into the car manufacturing business. It’s bullshit.

The guy goes on to recite trite crap on Apple doom that’s already been proven over and over again to be meaningless drivel.

What a butt.

Then there’s this. Apple Inc. to Buy Tesla for $75 Billion in 18 Months – Cancans.

Let me reiterate. Apple doesn’t need the car business. Apple needs to sell soft-serve ice cream cones. That’s pure profit. Pure. If you have a soft-serve machine, you can make an ice cream cone for about a dime including the cone and sell it for a buck and a half. That’s what I’m talking about.

The name of the site is Value Walk. Just exactly what the hell does that even mean? I get email from a site called “Vision to America.” I don’t get that, either.


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