The Super Bowl Redux

February 2nd, 2015 · No Comments · General Detritus

The Super Bowl was an excellent game. The Boston Extremists and the Washington State Mythical Birds played to a near draw until one of the two teams screwed up. The wrong team, as it turns out, screwed up, thus dashing my prediction of the outcome onto the wave-swept, jagged rocks below.

Oh well. It was still a good game.

I have to go find a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label to pay a wager on the outcome. It was a good bet.

In other news….

Flash sucks. Every day, more and more hacks show up making Flash suck even worse. YouTube now defaults to HTML5 format on videos. It looks like Steve Jobs was right again.

Go figure.

The Apple/IBM partnership is looking interesting. Remember all that talk for years about Apple getting into Enterprise? Weird. IBM is getting Apple into Enterprise. The thing that makes it cool is that IBM is doing it on purpose. Once upon a time, IBM was the evil empire – the windmills Steve Jobs tilted at. Now IBM is just another Apple business partner. Microsoft is in line next.


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