Cognitive Dissonance.

March 1st, 2015 · No Comments · General Detritus

Been reading around the innertubes again. I read a lot of stuff about AAPL the stock, and Apple the company. You might think they’re both the same thing, but you’d be an idiot. Apple innovates up cool stuff and sells it by the metric shit-ton. AAPL is going to fail, usually because Apple can’t innovate anything.

Frequently this cognitive dissonance passes as analysis. It usually starts with Apple announcing or not announcing some product. In the old days, Apple had to introduce a product for it to suck. The original iMac sucked because it didn’t have a 3.5″ disk drive. The original iPod sucked, just because Apple. Those were products that Apple actually introduced before everybody agreed they sucked. And if you go back and look, you can get a track record of who to go to for information on how Apple products will perform in the future. Now, at this juncture I’m just talking about Apple the company.

Over the years, the punditbots have changed the product names of the Apple stuff that sucks and that isn’t innovation. They all shout the same stuff into the same echo chamber. There are a few outliers, but they are statistical anomalies in excess of six standard deviations from the mean. You might wonder why I don’t add links to reference this. Try, and see what you find. Just type “Apple sucks” into any search engine except Google, because screw Google.

Apple the company, despite everything you’re likely to read, keeps building stuff and selling it faster than it can build it.

Dear Apple Punditbots,

You’re wrong. You’re stupid. You’re unoriginal.


The brain cell that was responsible for reminding you to zip up your pants for the meeting yesterday.


As the stock price of AAPL has gone up continuously for the last sixteen years, fundtards have learned how to read punditbots. The fundtards all have iPhones because they don’t want to be out of style, but they still echo the punditbots’ doom and gloom about how Apple can’t innovate because Tim Cook is not Steve Jobs. Then they add marketshare Windows Android Google marketshare Samsung Xiaomi marketshare LG marketshare marketshare, all with the requisite stockmarketese (leveraged buyout. and bayseian inference, and quantize, etc.) Anyway, the result is about the same.

Neither the punditbots nor the fundtards get Apple.

The sum of the parts is huge. The sum of the parts is dwarfed by the whole. Steve Jobs saw the death of hard media coming when he came back to Apple in 1997. It’s possible to have a degree in computer science right now and to have never used magnetic media to save a file. A child born in the last couple of years may never see a piece of plastic used to transport media. Apple did that.

You can argue with that if you want to be wrong. After all, it’s a free country.

Now the  Watch is coming and the punditbots and fundtards are once again announcing the death of Apple.

The  Car hasn’t even been mentioned, much like the iPod before it. It’s going to kill Apple.

Apple is doomed.


I’m buying.




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