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The  Watch cometh. Apple is releasing a new thing in just a couple of weeks. You can tell. The punditbots are going gorilla fecal matter over the thing. Most of the commentary I’ve read has been negative.

  • The  Watch will not sell well
  • The  Watch is ugly
  • The  Watch is technically inferior
  • The  Watch will further isolate us from humanity
  • The  Watch is satan
  • The  Watch will make you fat, lazy, and prematurely grey
  • The  Watch is not Steve Jobs
  • The  Watch has cooties
  • The  Watch is a booger-butt
  • The  Watch nanny-nanny-boo-boo

The list goes on and on. I read somewhere the Raw Benderly typed something about it, so you know the situation is getting stupid. The short answer is that the  Watch is probably going to sell like Reese’s Pieces on a fat farm. I will own one, and I haven’t worn anything on my wrist in almost 20 years.

Hillary Clinton can’t handle two email accounts? Seriously, boys and girls. If you can’t handle two email accounts, you need to have whoever is reading this to you take you back to bed where you can’t hurt yourself. If you’re running for President, don’t. Walk. And hold somebody’s hand.

The reason I haven’t been posting here lately is that I just retired from one job into another job and we’re moving 300 miles back to my hometown and everything is all higgledy-piggledy.

The next big thing that everybody will be squealing about is the  Car, which may or may not be called that if it ever even actually exists, which at the moment it doesn’t, but that won’t keep everyone from going on and on and on and on about the dogdamn thing. If it doesn’t fly, I don’t want one.


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