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Some of you may have read “Becoming Steve Jobs.” I did. I liked it. There’s a lot of stuff out there being said about the book. A lot of people think that because the actual people who knew him think it’s a good book it must be just a cultish hagiography.

I didn’t think it painted Steve Jobs as a saint, by any stretch. It said he was an asshole when he was young and got to be somewhat less of an asshole as he got older. Kind of like human beings do. Maybe he was one of us, after all. He started out not knowing anything about operating a multi-billion dollar business and gradually learned by screwing up how to do it. He started out not knowing how to manage a team of highly intelligent and motivated talent, and after pissing in a lot of peoples’ Wheaties® he got better at it.

He raised kids. Reports are that they’re normal. You’ll notice they don’t show up much in National Enquirer or Weekly World News.

Near the end of the book, Steve Jobs seems like pretty much of a normal human being if you stipulate going in that he was way, way, way smarter than most of the rest of us.

Tim Cook says it’s a good read and a much better picture of the real guy than the Isaacson thang. Tim Cook actually knew Steve Jobs. It seems to me that he’d be better suited to make that observation than all the sucky-toads who are yammering about the book being a cultish piece.

 Watch.  Watch.  Watch.  Watch.  Watch.

I read somewhere that if you are buying the  Watch Edition they’re going to treat you to some “red carpet.” Well, duh. If you have more money than brains, you want to be treated like you’re somehow more worthy than the hoi polloi. You’re going to pay $10,000.00 or more for a device that does the exact same things as a device you can buy for less than $400.00. You need your butt kissed. You need people to know just how God-awful rich you are. And they need to defer to the rich person on a regular basis. There is zero reason for buying an  Watch Edition if you’re going to hide it under the cuff of your sleeve. Zero.

I’ve never lusted after a Rolex, either, just to be fair. They’re ugly.

Apple TV is in the news again. Please hurry. I am so ready for TV to work the way it should. I’ll happily pay for something I want to watch if I can get it without ads. Really. Especially now. I’m at the end of toleration for prescription drug ads. They spend the first 10 seconds telling you how wonderful they are and then three or four minutes telling you all the side effects – none of which ever include “spontaneous orgasms,” or “hair returning to its original color from grey,” or “sudden disappearance of belly fat.”


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