Zip. Flop.

April 17th, 2015 · No Comments · General Detritus

Everywhere you look the Watch is a flop. I’ve been reading. All over the innertubes you can find stories that tell how Apple is screwed up because of the introduction of the Watch. A lot of the older stuff about how the device is technically inferior, ugly, useless, of no particular value has made its way forward into the modern vernacular, but it has been multiplied by the fact that there aren’t enough of the the nasty, useless things for everybody who wants to buy one.

So, to put this in perspective the  Watch suffers from two major problems:

  1. Nobody will want one.
  2. Apple didn’t make enough of them to satisfy demand.

Also, there is some bad science suggesting that it might cause cancer. No. Seriously. It’s out there.

You can’t recover from that.

Not to mention that it’s technologically inferior to the next version that will inevitably replace the current version.

Apple is doomed.


I’m not selling any shares of Apple.



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