Rip Ragged 2 (This Time it’s Tuesday)

August 29th, 2017 · No Comments · General Detritus

Sound the alarm. We’re back.

It’s Tuesday, August 29. 2017. It’s National Sarcoidosis Awareness Day.

It’s a damned mess on the Gulf Coast. If you live somewhere in the world, like I do, that makes it hard to get there and help, you can send a few bucks.

If anyone reads this, the long interruption in Rip Ragged has been caused by multiple medical emergencies and situations. I got to ride in a helicopter. Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attacks, Surgeries, Infections, Autoimmune disorders, one failed attempt at operating a hamburger stand, and poor weather are among the difficulties. Actually, the weather didn’t have much to do with it. Anyway, I’m back. I’m not sure how frequent the posts will be, but they’re definitely going to be more often than they have been.

I’ll get back to discussing some Apple stuff from time to time, when there’s Apple stuff worth discussing. People who absolutely must write about Apple, whether or not there is anything to say about Apple are crying out for more attention, and it seems like they should get it.

When there’s nothing Apple-centric to discuss, I might just ramble on about nothing.

You just never know.




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