About Rip Ragged


Rip Ragged is the nom de guerre of a safety trainer in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been married since 1981, and using Macintosh computers since 1987. I think I’m starting to figure out the computer.

In reality, I’m platform agnostic. Any computer that runs the most recent version of OS X natively is just fine with me. Beyond that, it just doesn’t matter. There. I said it.

It is my belief that people running other systems should be educated about the vast superiority of OS X. Then, once they know and still cling to their sorry-ass antiques, to hell with them.

As a sworn capitalist it is my patriotic duty to accept money from individuals and companies who feel the need to advertise on this site. Alternatively, if you have no product or service to promote, and would just like to send thick sheaves of legal tender, just leave an email address in the comments. Don’t worry. I’ll be in touch.

I will never sell or share an email address. Ever. If you want your email address broadcast so you can get more porn, viagra, and enhancement emails, I’m pretty sure you can figure out how to do that on your own.

It occurs to me that any one of those should be enough for almost anybody. Someone who needs porn, viagra, and enhancement has some other calling. Maybe there’s a different hobby that will productively use that time. Needlepoint. Rock climbing. Bowling, maybe.


The staff at Rip Ragged:


DC: Owns and maintains the building

Thanks Mark, for granting me this little slice of the innertubes for my ranting and raving.

Carrie Carpenter
Baxtrice: Design, construction, operation, general clean up, decoration. Well, essentially all the real work.

Thank you, ma’am. I may be a jackass, but I have the coolest looking fanboy site on the web. Never mind what I tell everybody else about the place. You’re the best.


Rip: For those times when White-Out on the monitor just isn’t enough.