The Rip Ragged Manifesto

Rip Ragged is dedicated to the proposition that all tech companies are created equal, and most of them have turned to shit.

Rip Ragged does not adhere to a policy of fact-checking, research, accuracy, or validity of observations.

Rip Ragged is based on the concept that ill-formed opinions, broad generalizations, random guesses, and tactless insults form a suitable basis for commentary unless I disagree with it.

Rip Ragged believes that Prime Rib and Ribeye steak should be prepared medium rare and served with draft India Pale Ale. Any combination that includes dark roast coffee, plain cheese cake, and cognac or single-malt scotch may be dessert.

Connecticut, Cameroon, Natural, or Maduro wrappers are all okay. Candela is not.

Rip Ragged is a fanboy of the Apple persuasion not because Apple is so wonderful, but because everything else sucks dog ass.

Rip Ragged loves other tech companies. They are major taxpayers and employers. Unfortunately, their products suck dog ass.

Rip Ragged does not believe in global warming. Not until a January passes where I don’t need long-johns and gloves to start the car in the morning.

86.8 ± 15% of all statistics quoted on Rip Ragged are made up on the spot. All of the others are exactly correct. Your mileage may vary.

Commenters on Rip Ragged must meet one of the following criteria:

  1. Full, unconditional agreement with the related post.
  2. Full, unconditional indifference to the related post.
  3. Failing to possess one of the first two criteria will require the commentard to have a good sense of humor and/or a really thick skin.

Finally, Rip Ragged reserves the right to deviate from the Manifesto on a whim, without regard to convention, manners, or common human decency.