Hey! Fix This!

There are a lot of old games out there that need to be brought back. Here’s the deal. They were fun then. They’d still be fun now.

I’m going to start a list of games I’d like to see ported to the most recent iteration of OS X and maintained forever.

Dear readers, please add your suggestions for old games in the comments. A wise businessman could negotiate the royalties for these games and continue to sell them forever. All you’d have to do is maintain compatibility. Surely there must be a programmer out there with the business moxie – or a business buddy with the moxie – to pull this off.

Here is the list, starting with my own favorites:

Crystal Quest

Strategic Conquest

Alpha Centauri

Sid Meier’s Civilization I, II, and III

Shufflepuck Cafe


Sub Battle Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

F-16 Falcon

The original Sim City

I’ll add to the list as new suggestions come in.

Additionally, it would be nice if someone would write a Mac Classic emulator for OS X.

I can run virtual DOS, Windows (any version), Commodore 64, Apple //, and even CP/M on my Mac Pro, but I can’t run Talking Moose. That is just plain wrong.

Work on it.

Thank you.

Update 11/15/08: Crystal Quest is now available for the iPhone. While that certainly rocks, it isn’t on my desktop yet, so it only “sorta” counts.

Update 12/19/08: Sim City is also available on the iPhone. That’s nice. I want it on my 24″ Cinema Display. I love keyboard equivalents.